Natural Wool Felt Bags and Home Accessories, by Planar

Photos: Planar.

One of the main points of green design is taking advantage of local materials, which promote the well being of communities and save emissions in transportation. With that idea in mind, designers Pablo di Muzio, Lucila Flombaum and Natalia di Muzio began investigating which responsible resources they could find in Argentina, and found natural wool felt: a biodegradable, low-tech fabric with an aesthetic feel that can be adapted to current trends.

Afterwards, they developed a set of patterns to create bags and home accessories with little waste. "The products have a simple and sincere language, they express what they are and how they were conceived, trying to create a connection with the user and the productive process," they explain.

The Mamushka model is a set of three pieces: wallet, purse, and bag. The natural color of the felt is enhanced with water-based inks.

Set of three bags showing how they're cut.

The large bag in use.



Under the brand Planar, they also created a set of coasters and centerpieces, the beginning of a house accessories collection that will be expanded.


Larger coasters or centerpieces.


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