My Only One Remakes Vintage Clothing into Retro Street Wear

Photo credit: My Only One

Think of them as the three "R"s of fashion: Recycle, remake, and relove. The founding principles behind My Only One, a dynamic new label launching at Topshop's London flagship Oxford Street locations, this triple mantra powers the brand's mission to transform clothing castoffs into covetable togs with a hipster edge."Many women are increasingly drawn to buying vintage and secondhand clothing," says Pamela Daniels, creative director and co-founder of My Only One, as well as the director of Ethical Fashion Forum. "My Only One reinvents and recycles items from the past, creating unique new looks from garments that were about to see the end of their days."

The '70s and '80s vibe you're getting is no accident—many of the refashioned pieces started out life as oversized men's T-shirts from the last days of disco. Throw in a couple of twentysomething designers copping the retro street-wear aesthetic, along with raw, sultry snapshots à la Terry Richardson and Dov Charney, and you have a collaborative platform brimming with youthful, too-cool-for-school vim.

Photo credit: My Only One

Photo credit: My Only One

Photo credit: My Only One
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