Mixko Heli Wallets Made From Tatami Mat Remnants

Photo courtesy of Greener Grass Design

British design firm Mixko—the same good folk who brought us the ice-cream-cone pendant lamp—first salvaged fabric remnants from Japanese tatami-mat producers to create rich, tapestry-like belts. Now you can dress your dough in the same shimmery, exquisitely patterned raiments with Mixko's Heli Wallets, available at Greener Grass Design for $20 apiece.

Because the wallets are derived from offcuts, patterns vary depending on availability. You can, however, choose from metallic-licious colorways such as platinum, teal and black, and red and gold. Click below the (bi)fold for more images.
Photo courtesy of Greener Grass Design

Photo courtesy of Greener Grass Design
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