Malaysian Fashion Label Designs Wardrobe Staples with a Hidden Twist (Photos)

The "Ultra 10," one 10-piece wardrobe, 365 days. All photos: Ultra

Malaysian eco-fashion label Ultra is launching a 10-piece collection comprised of clothing staples with a slew of multifunctional features: think a blazer with zip-off sleeves, a 3-in-1 coat that turns into a shirt and skirt, and other unexpected twists. Take a look:

Called the "Ultra 10," the 10-piece collection was designed in collaboration with LOHAS, Greenovate and The Wellness Works to create a minimalist wardrobe.

Featuring a 2-in-1 jacket that turns into a vest and other wearable basics, the made-to-order collection employs sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton, bamboo, organic silk, biodegradable tencel and recycled polyester, in a muted color palette. It will launch internationally on May 21, 2011 at LOHAS' "Throw Out Your Closet" event in Shanghai, China. We hope

To kick off the collection and show its true functionality, Ultra has elected Amena Schlaikjer, founder of The Wellness Works, to wear the Ultra 10 collection for an entire year. We've seen Sheena Matheiken do this with one little black dress for the Uniform Project--so we know it can be done--but it will be nice to see the versatile looks that can be achieved with these multifunctional pieces.

They've asked her to donate her entire wardrobe to participate but we hope that anyone who decides to trade in their wardrobe, even if it is for a well-edited, smaller one, that they do so with care for where the garments are going.

Ultra will document Schlaikjer's wardrobe every day for a year on The Ultra Ultra--keep tuned!

Should you decide to take on the challenge, too, you can purchase the entire collection on The Ultra Ultra, come May 21. Plus, if you decide to purchase the entire collection you can return it at the end of one year and receive the newest Ultra 10 collection at half price.

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