Lovely Outfits and Accessories from Recovered Fabrics by Cruz Della Casa

Photos: Courtesy of Cruz Della Casa.

We know it's still winter in the northern hemisphere, but these sunny pictures of Cruz Della Casa's latest clothing and accessories collection will sure get you dreaming about summer.The firm is an initiative of Argentine designers Lucila Della Casa and Rita Cruz, who work with vintage materials and discarded fabric from factories to make new clothing, and with lining from old garments to design accessories.

Pieces are assembled with artisan techniques, valuing manual work of embroiderers and dressmakers.

Apart from the cool clothes on the pictures, the brand has a line of delicate necklaces and a (sort of weird) chest accessory, like a very fancy and carefully crafted vest or 'dickey' (take a look at the picture below) that they call 'Peto'.

Besides the obvious green feature of reusing fabrics, these seem like they could bring back to life any old dress or outfit, so we give them another point for making us see old clothes with new eyes.

The brand sells at Almacen de Belleza in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Mutate in Montevideo, Uruguay. For more on the brand and previous collections, visit their website (available in English).

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