Kenyan Recycled Glass Jewellery

Made by artisans in Kenya the beads in these jewellery pieces are made from recycled glass. (Reminds me of the now defunct, before-its-time, but otherwise brilliant Ecollection by Esprit, which used recycled glass buttons, crafted by African women.) The necklaces use cherry-sized beads, while the earrings are still recycled, but utilise a smaller bead. $108 to $279 USD depending on style. Offered in Amber, Turquoise or Jade (and doesn't that sound much more evocative than simple brown or green?) From ::Viva Terra, who’ve we raved about before. Via EcoFriend. Ecofriend is one of two blogs to flow from the keyboard of Irani Sen, a journalist based in India. It follows a similar route to Treehugger in recording greener products. While the second, Green Diary, relates to environmental news on issues such as conservation and sustainable development.


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