Juicy Boobs, Just Beg, and Re-Pocket by Designwise

More excelente -ness from the Portuguese design front. We pretty much love everything these guys are doing, from the couple sheet set--it measures how much of the covers are your for the taking--to the Invisible Landscape artwork, which uses humidity indicator strips on a large scale to act like an ever-changing painting on your wall. But on the TreeHugger tip, we're bringing you a few favorites that really rock our world: Juicy Boobs (heh heh, read on), the Just Beg bag, and the Re-pocket chair. Oooooooh! We just want to squeeze them they're so cool!

Juicy boobs, as you may not have guessed, is an ergonomic, double juice extractor. As Designwise's Web site states, "Any person should have one." Or two. In one white, ceramic, glazed piece, it holds two squeezers and a tray where the juice gathers. "In addition to its sensual contours," reads their copy, "the press is manifestly effective in the art of juice extraction." Without the tyranny of a plug. It just doesn't get fresher than that.

The Just Beg bag (above) begs attention. Made from recycled felt-tip markers and elastic thread it's like an eighties dream come true, only in the now, making it perfectly moderno, dig? It's designer, Naulila Luis, makes a point of reutilizing a material undervalued by daily life, and thereby gives them their propers in an elevated life form.

The Re-pocket chair is marsupial-like, and finished in cotton leftovers. It secret weapon lies in its side-pocket, which hides a big fat blanket that can be pulled out to keep you warm, or tucked away to neaten up. We love love love it. ::Designwise by Experimenta [by MO]

Juicy boobs are fun to squeeze.Re-Pocket is a marsupial-like chair-blanket.