Isoude: Classic, Ethical Fashion with a Local Twist for Fall 2011 (Photos)

Isoude fall 2011 collection. Photo: Isoude

There's no hiding the fact that we love Isoude's gorgeous designs--the Newport, Rhode Island-based designer just scooped up our Best of Green Award for Best Eco Glam Designer.

Designer Katie Brierly shows us clean, classic silhouettes, a color palette that balances cream and silver with navy blues and rich reds, how to wear stripes in winter, and more in her fall 2011 collection. Take a look:

Isoude is rich with history. Designer Katie Brierly works with artisans who remember what it was like when New England was once the center of garment production. Her pattern maker, for example, refers to herself as "The Last of the Mohicans" because of the dwindling number of garment artisans in the area. Another man, who cuts Isoude's fabrics, came out of retirement so he could show his son the "finer aspects of cutting silk."

The designs mirror the high quality clothing of the past, too. They're classic, investment pieces that are pieces of art in their own right.

With each garment produced within a 200 mile radius of their home base, Newport, Rhode Island, the fashion label has care for their environmental footprint as well as an aim to of putting money back into the local economy. They also pay fair wages to employees and provide a safe and healthy working environment.

All photos: Isoude

The designer price point makes the clothing less accessible to a mainstream market, but a girl can certainly dream and set her pennies aside for the chance to one day don an Isoude dress for a special occasion of maybe even her special day.

Visit their online store or visit their boutique in Newport, RI (142 Bellevue Avenue).

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