H&M; Embraces Sustainable Materials in New Conscious Collection

Photo: H&M;
H&M; has had its fair share of controversy--from organic cotton fraud to destroying clothing--but the fast fashion heavyweight recognizes that they must take responsibility for how their actions affect people and the environment if they want continued growth and profitability.

Enter H&M;'s Spring 2011 collection, which hits stores April 14, 2011. Called the Conscious Collection, it employs, what H&M; calls 'conscious' materials, organic cotton, organic linen, recycled polyester, and Tencel. And yes, there's something for you gentleman, too.

All photos: H&M;

These materials were used in last spring's Garden Collection. The Conscious Collection is an ongoing collection for women, men and kids, that will be featured at H&M; at various times throughout the year.

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