Formalitees Merge Formal Wear and T-Shirts

Photo: Formalitees

T-shirt company Formalitees is kicking the stiffness out of formal wear. In fact, they're taking the tie and leaving the rest. Enter the Tie Tee, an alternative to the modern business suit, it is an organic t-shirt with an attached tie that swings free from the neck and Formalitiees hopes it will spark a clothing revolution. Co-founders Bjorn Borstelmann and Bjorn Borstelmann hope their business and product act as a symbol for a new generation of leaders, who are as responsible for the planet as they are for the bottom line.

Photo: Formalitees

Formalitees keeps their business stateside and sweatshop-free. They sew all of their shirts in California using 100% organic cotton from Texas.

Photo: Formalitees

Tie tees are available in both men's and women's sizes, in a variety of colors, for $49 online at Formalitiees.

What do you think of the modern day business tee? Would you wear it to work or at all? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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