EcoChic Geneva Showcases Sustainable Fashion at UN Headquarters

EcoChic Geneva at Palais des Nations in Geneva. Credit: Abigail Doan

United Nations headquarters, Palais des Nations in Geneva was the epicenter of eco fashion Thursday night with a sustainable fashion show and exhibition--featuring ready-to-wear and couture collections by sustainable designers--the culmination of EcoChic Geneva, a collaboration between Green2greener and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Click through for photos courtesy of Ecco*Eco's Abigail Doan (whose home we visited for Trunkshow):

Eco model, activist, and Planet Green spokesperson Summer Rayne Oakes, spoke at the biodiversity seminar and strutted her stuff on the runway the next day. Credit: Abigail Doan

Bulgarian Designer, Evgeni Petkov stands with his handknit, natural fiber eco-couture wedding gown, created with the help of Abigail's mentoring.
Credit: Abigail Doan

NOIR's organic cotton couture garment and Oliver Tolentino's handcrafted piƱa gown with capiz shell embellishments. Credit: Abigail Doan

According to EcoChic the exhibition it is now open to the public free of charge until February 4, 2010. More photos and exclusive coverage on ecco*eco .

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