Eco-Fashion Supports Peruvian Handcrafts Made by Women of Domestic Violence (Photos)

Traditional Peruvian fashion is inspiration for Annie O.'s line. Image courtesy of Annie O. Boutique.

Inspired by vibrant Peruvian textiles and a desire to bring work to female artisan cooperatives in South America, Annie O. Waterman founded an accessory collection, called "Annie O," comprised of hand-embroidered handbags, belts, scarves, and more. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the boutique works with 80 women who are victims of domestic violence and/or living in impoverishment, helping them to attain financial independence. Their skills in handcrafts, merged with modern design, results in timeless and appealing fair trade fashion. Click through for photos.

Horn cuffs made from recycled horn material by a family business located in the slums of Lima.

All images courtesy of Annie O. Boutique.

Visit their shop on Etsy: Annie O Boutique; and tell us what you think of the collection in the comment section, below.

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