Dress Embroidered with Wind-Sensitive Lights for Illuminating Fashion Statement

Photos via Fashioning Technology

Dutch designer Stijn Ossevoort has created a dress sure to catch people's attention. Embroidered with wind-sensitive lights, the wearer needs only to walk down the street and the dress glows in brilliant patterns, with lights popping right off the dress.

Exactly how the dress works - if the LEDs are powered by kinetic energy gathered from the wind, or if a breeze simply activates a light and there's a battery hidden somewhere - we're not sure. We're hoping it's the former, since using kinetic energy from walking and the wind is greener - and just cooler - than sporting a battery pack that needs to be charged. We're also curious how one might wash this dress, let alone dispose of it since there's quite a bit of e-waste wrapped up in this thing.

But the idea is very...illuminating.

Via Fashioning Technology
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