Digitally Printed Cowhide Rug Doesn't Require a Cow

© MrBrownThumb

Want a cowhide rug without the guilt of slaughtering a cow?

This digitally printed cowhide by Young & Battaglia is the answer for those who want to decorate ethically, especially if you have a long room or corridor, and a regular rug just won't fit. The cowhide image is modified from a real cowhide and digitally printed on a rubber backed fabric that keeps it laying flat.

© Young & Battaglia

Made in England, washable, hypoallergenic reportedly so detailed you can see the individual hairs of the fur. The extra long digital cowhide rug comes in natural browns, and bleached. Sizes XL - 3800mm x 1300mm M - 3100mm x 1060mm S - 2400mm x 825mm. The digital cowhide rug runs for £453.00 for the S and M sizes. £1,274.00 for the XL size of the rug on the Mineheart online store.

Tags: Animal Rights | Designers | Green Fashion | Shopping | Sustainable Fabrics


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