Designers & Agents' 2009 Green Room Shows Off Fresh Crop of Eco Designers

Photo credit: Jasmin Malik Chua

Sustainable style gets its close-up once more at Designers & Agents' meticulously curated Green Room, now a regular fixture at the bicoastal fashion trade show's ongoing green initiative. The three-day fashionpalooza of new, emerging, and independent designers, held at the cavernous Starrett Lehigh Center in New York City this week, featured an "eco-capsule" of budding, green-minded talents who were invited to exhibit gratis.

Click below the jump for a glimpse for a first look at tomorrow's rising eco-fashion stars.


Photo credit: Jasmin Malik Chua

You've heard of slow food, but what about slow fashion? Laura Sansone of House-Wear bridges the divide between sustenance and style with Gro-Wear, a line of clothing and accessories made from organically grown materials and hand-printed with natural plant dyes. "Gro-Wear can be safely laundered and composted to reenter the soil without introducing any synthetics or toxins," Sansone says. When you tire of your Gro-Wear product, you can send it back to House-Wear for composting on Sansone's farm.

New to House-Wear is its Paper Wear collection. Constructed from soft-structure Tyvek, the stenciled paper vests, jackets, dresses, and pants take on an unreal, scribbled appearance, like flat, two-dimensional sketches that have leaped into our fleshed-out reality.


Photo credit: Jasmin Malik Chua

Organic Australian wool, organic cotton from Paraguay, and fair-trade Bolivian llama wool form the backbone of Ambrym's collection. Handwoven by a co-op in northern Colombia or crafted in small workshops in France, where designer Gabrielle Gerard hails, Ambrym rejoices in the avant-garde, even as it pledges itself to social and environmental responsibility.

Sweet Blossom

Photo credit: Jasmin Malik Chua

Another export from France, Sweet Blossom dresses women and girls alike in a romantic suffusion of embroidery, lace, and ruffles. Stitched from certified-organic cotton fabrics, Sweet Blossom's frocks and tunics hearken to an era of genteel antiquity, doilies, and fine china.

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