Delectable Strawberry-Dyed Green Fashion for Spring 2011 (Photos)

Jai Spring 2011 Collection. Photo: Lou Rouse
Jai's 'playfully regal' spring 2011 collection is as refreshing as a strawberry lemonade on a hot summer day. The New York City-based green fashion label--inspired by the diverse ecosystems of coral reefs and the interactions between community and environment--partnered with Tumeric Alive, makers of an organic elixer juice, and used remnants of their tumeric pulp to hand-dye their sustainable fabrics.
Photo: Lou Rouse

In addition to the tumeric pulp, Jai used locally grown fruits and vegetables--for example, the "Molly" and "Lady J" style were dyed with delectable strawberries--to hand-dye their fabrics, which include organic ahimsa silk, organic cotton, organic silk cotton blends, and Tencel. Their garments are produced locally in New York, in the Garment District.

Photo: Lou Rouse

Photo: Lou Rouse

Photo: Lou Rouse

For more, visit Jai.

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