Cutest Outdoor Backpack + All Sorts of Bags from Recovered Fabrics, by Carro

Photos: Carro.

We've seen fabrics reuse before, that's for sure, but these bags made by Argentine design brand Carro are almost too cute too handle. Can you believe the large outdoor backpack on the picture above?

Find out more about the firm and see tons of pictures from the different models in the extended.Refurbishing Tailor Garments into Exquisite Bags

Carro is a small firm from Buenos Aires created by fashion designers Silvina Cannito y Guillermina Balsells that produces all kinds of creative bags from recovered fabrics from clothes they get at thrift stores.

Front of the outdoor backpack.

Backpack's straps.

It began about a year ago with the idea of giving a new purpose to tailor clothing that was lying around in vintage shops (similar than Junky Styling, but for accessories).

"The fabrics used for these pieces are of excellent quality and very difficult to get nowadays," say the designers explaining their interest. "Additionally, suits and pieces are very interesting in terms of cuts and construction, and allow many possibilities."

Parting from those ideas, they decided not only to rescue the pieces, but the metaphors they represent: attention to detail, one-of-a-kinds, tailor made, and hand finishing in contraposition with industrial and massive products.

Suits-looking backpacks.

Their collection includes a large backpack for outdoor activities, different models of smaller school backpacks (can you see the smiling face on the one with the three horizontal zippers?), messenger bags, totes, and purses.

The smiling school backpack.

All of them have original combinations of fabrics, which makes them unique and filled with personality. They're sold in several stores at Buenos Aires, including our recently featured Fabro, Puro Diseno store (5953 Gorriti street, Buenos Aires), Tienda Palacio (5272 Honduras street, Buenos Aires), and via e-mail by contacting the creators: thecarros at gmail dot com.

Take a look at some of the models, even if you're not in Buenos Aires they're great proof of what creativity can achieve with old threads (links at the bottom).

The bags keep the original labels from the clothes they were taken from. How cool is that?

Handbag that looks like a suit.

Sweet looking messenger bags.

Another look of the messenger bags.

Yet another messenger bag.

The lovely purses.

A shopping bag that also looks so sweet.

Tote with classic painting included, this one also reuses a PVC canvas.

The firm doesn't have a website, but you can visit Carro's Flickr photo stream and their website at Coroflot for more models and info.

Thanks Nicolas Kneler from Fabro for the tip!
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