Customize Your SIGG Bottle at CafePress

Photo credit: CafePress

A little birdie told us—well, OK, it was Jacob Gordon—that CafePress has added SIGG bottles to its range of print-on-demand, user-designed clothing, stationery, and accessories. For $26.99, you can design a white one-liter SIGG bottle entirely from scratch. Not artistically inclined? Pony up an extra buck to make your mark on one of seven design templates by filling a text box with a name or phrase of your choosing.

You can even preview your would-be SIGG in everyday scenarios: sitting by your laptop, leaning nonchalantly on your backpack, silently creeping out your pet shihtzu. Below, a few of our suggestions.

Photo credit: CafePress

Photo credit: CafePress

Photo credit: CafePress
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