Cozy New Store For Exquisite Sustainable Fashion Brand In Buenos Aires (Photos)

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

The exquisite sustainable fashion brand Cubreme (featured in TreeHugger a few years ago) has opened a new showroom to host its flawless organic wool coats and accessories, and its new line of agroecologic cotton home-wear in Buenos Aires.

Decorated with rescued vintage furniture and with a warm home feel, it's a must stop for every treehugger traveling to the city. Take a look inside.
Alejandra Gotelli, director of the brand, at the new shop.

As mentioned in our previous post, Cubreme works with natural fibers like organic wool from ethically-raised camelids such as llamas and alpacas or sheep, in a fair-trade, transparent process that lets you track the whole production of every garment.

Run by entrepreneur Alejandra Gotelli, the brand's pieces are absolutely dye-free, with all the colors from the coats obtained from the natural shades of the animals hair. Classic yet contemporary, the label has two lines: warm and cold season, without paying attention to passing trends.

Located at 1720 Godoy Cruz, at Palermo in Buenos Aires, the recently opened store also hosts a new collection of home-wear by Cubreme produced with agroecologic cotton from Otro Mercado Al Sur.

The line includes pieces that were inspired by vintage garments with special stories behind them: a Denmark short that Alejandra's father used to wear to run marathons, and a shilaba given to Alejandra by a friend, among others.

At the shop you can also find wool accessories such as clutches and bags, and scarfs so soft it's just impossible not to want one.

Apart from offering beautiful garments, the shop is also worth a visit in itself. It's filled with vintage recovered furniture and details that relate to the brands' work, such as threads, scissors, and scales.

Some of the lights were made with the thread's inner cardboard cones, others with bamboo cane, and the wooden floors were rescued rather than replaced with new ones.

The place is even equipped with a very cool rooftop (complete with a grapevine!) in which the brand is planning to host special events in the future.

If you're in Buenos Aires or planning a visit, do stop by. For more on the brand see our previous post, to contact the designer and international sales, head to their website.

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