Cities Are Scary! Protect Your Senses With Wearable "Bio-Accessories"

Photo credit: Ben Landau and Brittany Veitch
"Bio-Accessories," a series of wearable couture pieces currently on exhibit at the Melbourne City Library, is either absurdly brilliant or brilliantly absurd—you can never tell with these artist types.

Conceptualized and brought to life by Australians Ben Landau and Brittany Veitch, the pieces are designed to—supposedly—buffer your delicate senses from the urban miasma of city life. Living in the concrete jungle divorces us from the natural world, says Landau, with skyscrapers supplanting trees and putrid emanations whiffing across roadways.

The solution, of course, is to create "mobile natural environments" that double as flagrantly obtrusive, exquisitely outlandish couture accessories.

Says Laundau:

Each piece incorporates a living organism to accompany the wearer throughout their day, creating a symbiotic relationship. The human tends to the animal or plant, which reciprocates by bringing fresh air, light, greenery, privacy, or birdsong to the wearer.

Really, couldn't we all use our own personal songbirds?

[Via Designboom]

Photo credit: Ben Landau and Brittany Veitch

Photo credit: Ben Landau and Brittany Veitch

Photo credit: Ben Landau and Brittany Veitch

Photo credit: Ben Landau and Brittany Veitch
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