Chic Cosmetic Organizer Shortens Beauty Routine

Photo: Less and More

Is your unorganized cosmetic case slowing down you daily beauty routine? From a single piece of solid poplar--made entirely without glue--comes a simple way to organize your cosmetic case: Etsy's Less & More offers the Scarlet Makeup Holder which holds lipsticks, mascaras, makeup brushes, and other makeup items--meaning your morning routine can be free of rummaging through rose-, carmine- and crimson-colored lipstick hues for your everyday color.

Photo: Less and More

The cosmetic organizer features 18 holes in two rows; the back row provides small holes that are right-slanting or left-slanting so both lefties and righties can remove utensils easily.

Photo: Less and More

The cosmetic case is available on Less & More's shop on Etsy for $105, so, if someone can come up with a DIY version, we're all ears. They also sell neat organizers for other hosuehold items, including chop sticks, essential oils, desk items, pencils and more.

How do you organize your cosmetic case? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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