Chic Bike Bags Made from Dumpster Fabric Scraps (Photos)

Black Rose Bag's "Easy Portage" canvas bike messenger. Photo: Black Rose Bags

As the age-old phrase goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Such is the case for the makers of Black Rose Bags, a collective of cyclists, cargo carriers, commuters, sewers, and dumpster-divers.

They construct their chic and functional bike bags from reclaimed canvas and other hand-me-down objects. The canvas is found in the dumpster of an awning company and key clips, buckles, and zippers are donated through their community bike shop, the Bike Cave Collective, located in Duluth, Minnesota.The makers of Black Rose Bags live on their bikes -- meaning they know which details to include when creating their bags. They also accept custom orders to suit your needs. In conversation over e-mail, Greg from Black Rose Bags spoke to the collective's practice of upcycling: "We abhor our cultures wastefulness and seek to make our society a little less wasteful and a little nicer for cyclists everywhere."

"Rachel's" canvas bike bag. Photo: Black Rose Bags

Inside "Rachel's Bag". Photo: Black Rose Bags

"The Stark" canvas bag. Photo: Black Rose Bags

"Root" canvas bike bag. Photo: Black Rose Bags

Black Rose Bag's "Solidarity Vegan" canvas bike messenger. Photo: Black Rose Bags

Black Rose Bags can be purchased online at their Etsy Shop.

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