Charming Recycled iPad Sleeves and More Gift Ideas by Plaid Doctrine

Photo: Plaid Doctrine

True to their name Plaid Doctrine has crafted the lovely tartan fabric--favored by Scotsman and Brooklyn hipsters alike--into a neat collection of iPad sleeves, briefcases, totebags and other great accessories. Made from domestically-sourced materials, including recycled fabrics and vegetable-tanned leather, the Washington-based brand manufactures all of their goods in the US of A.
iPad Sleeve. Photo: Plaid Doctrine

Eco Laptop Tote. Photo: Plaid Doctrine

Eco Briefcase. Photo: Plaid Doctrine

Prices range from $79 for iPad sleeves and purse organizers to $479 for briefcases and totebags. Find Plaid Doctrine products at their online shop.

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