Can Patchwork Actually Look Cool? One Chilean Designer Proves So

Photos: Ignacio Galvez and Orlando Pallero.

For those of us who don't have great memories of patchwork, the work of Chilean designer Loreto Correa Sanfuentes is certainly something to look at, proving that old practices can always take a new spin.

Correa works with recovered fabrics and vintage garments to create these lovely patchwork dresses. Take a closer look at her work in the extended.Modern Patchwork Dresses by Loreto Correa

The young Chilean designer began with this line while in college, where she used to collect discarded pieces of fabrics for her assignments.

Later, she found old clothes had more interesting and different patterns and textures and continued to explore vintage to use in her designs. This developed on until she created her own brand of clothing. Recovered fabrics were 60% of her latest collection.

She sells in Chile through Facebook and via direct contact. But even if you're far away, take a look at some of the cool looking dresses below for inspiration, they can even make a DIY project of your own with some old clothes.

Loreto Correa website
Loreto Correa blog

Via Veo Verde
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