Bonobos Pants Are Tailored to Perfection

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Still on the hunt for the perfect lean, green men's trouser? Bonobos offers several sustainable options for the discerning, well-tailored gent, including wool, cashmere, and organic cotton twill.For a company named after an endangered and notoriously randy ape, Bonobos doesn't monkey around. With luxe fabrics, a preppy-inspired aesthetic, and curved, patterned waistbands that run the gamut from straight-laced to flamboyant (red-and-fuschia Pucci florals are definitely the province of only the most self-assured of males), Bonobos' handmade-in-NYC, limited-edition designs are cut closer to the leg to flatter, not conceal, your haunches. The silk-lined pants, which range from $110 to $350, also taper downward to flare in a slight boot cut.

Perhaps one of the online-only brand's best features, however, is its customer service, which caters to men who'd rather staple-gun their foreheads than shop. You're allowed to return any pair of trousers at any time, no questions asked, even if you've already washed or altered them. If you're iffy about sizing, you're free to order pairs in two sizes and then mail the ill-fitting pair back using a prepaid shipping label.

And if you're a public-school teacher, fireman, nurse, or other profession in the public service, you may qualify for the special "Band of Brothers" discount—just so you can get a leg-up on your better-heeled peers.

Photo credit: Bonobos

Photo credit: Bonobos

Photo credit: Bonobos
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