Bag the Habit Has Reusable Bags and Produce Bags Bagged

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Bag the Habit takes the now-ubiquitous reusable shopper—thank God for small favors—uptown with a sleek, chic, and partly recycled tote that folds up into a dainty pouch for slipping into your purse or pocket with ease.

Founded by Liz Long, a fellow Jersey City resident and—full disclosure—a former co-worker of my sister's, Bag the Habit has gone a makeover of its own, even as it attempts to make over our consumer addiction to disposable plastic bags. Gone are the boxy brown, green, and tan carryalls, which have been replaced by a trio of va-va-voom stylish A-line sacks in indigo, plum, and chocolate, complete with padded handles. Ready to up the bring-your-own ante? Pick up a few of Bag the Habit's reusable produce bags. Made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester mesh, the large- and standard-size drawstring pouches can be stuffed with all manner of produce, dried goods, and snacks.

Another service Bag the Habit offers eco-baggers everywhere: A local textile-recycling program that accepts any reusable bag, regardless of brand, that has hoisted its last load of groceries. You'll even get a $2 credit you can apply toward your next online purchase.

Plastic bag, meet body bag.

Photo credit: Bag the Habit

Photo credit: Bag the Habit

Photo credit: Bag the Habit

Photo credit: Bag the Habit
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