Anti-Fashion Designer Philippe Starck Creates Sustainable Fashion Collection

Photo credit: S+arck With Ballantyne

Better known for bringing swanky hotels, restaurants, and luxe objets d'art to life, French designer Philippe Starck is broadening his reach to include ready-to-wear clothing for men and women. Just don't call it "fashion," s'il vous plait.

"Although the work of [its] creators is fantastic, I will never be idiotic enough to do fashion," the father of the Juicy Salif juicer and the Louis Ghost chair told Le Figaro newspaper just before the collection launched in Florence last week. "The public will take maybe three years to understand the concept. It's not fashion. We won't be very big in the newspapers. The clothes are non-photogenic. But intelligent people will know to discover us."Fashion isn't something you can easily sidestep, Starck attempts to explain. Unless you're a nudist, you're bound to knock knees with the fickle industry—one marked by such a high turnover that it gives birth to "a system of consumption and over-consumption which has no future." S+arck With Ballantyne, however, will be the complete antithesis of that, he says.

A collaboration with Scottish cashmere company Ballantyne, S+arck With Ballantyne comprises 30 pieces for men and 30 for women. Juxtaposing waterproof cashmere knits with technical fabrics and silk linings to create multifunctional garments, the collection embraces what a press release dubs "new ergonomics and contemporary fittings: the right cashmere, at the right time, for the right purpose."

Starck intends for his made-in-Scotland "intelligent cashmere" line, which arrives in Ballantyne flagship stores and selected multi-brand stores this October, to defy trendiness, featuring camouflaged pockets, detachable waistcoasts, double-position collars, and fluorescent textiles for contrast.

Oui to all that.

Photo credit: S+arck With Ballantyne

Photo credit: S+arck With Ballantyne

Photo credit: S+arck With Ballantyne
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