Angelina Accoutrements

Recycled cashmere: all of the luxury of the natural fiber, but without the guilt of contributing to desertification in China from one too many goats having an attack of the munchies.

Angelina Accoutrements restyles vintage cashmere into wraps, sweaters, and scarves in muted earth tones. "Working with vintage cashmeres is something I truly love and enjoy every moment of," says designer Angelina Sertl. "I hand-select each sweater based on quality (2-ply or more), style, and color. I find it invigorating to work with each vintage piece as each has inherent flaws to work around and with. It is a challenge I look forward to each time I pick one up."Sertl donates 10 to 20 percent of each purchase made on her Web site to Amani ya Juu, a sewing reconciliation ministry for marginalized women in Nairobi, Kenya. ::Angelina Accoutrements

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