Altanus Offers World's First Biodegradable Watch

Photo: Patch

Now, a more functional, longer-lasting and finer-looking alternative to cheap wrist bands--you know, the ones you get at concerts, bars, et cetera. Enter Geneva-based watchmaker Altanus' Patch timepiece, hailed as the world's first biodegradable paper watch, Ecouterre reports, via WWD.

Photo: Patch

While light in weight--just 11 grams--the paper timepiece will hardly go unnoticed: it's available in a host of neon colors--bright magenta, yes, please--and seasonal patterns, featuring flags, lemons, flowers, and more. You can rest assured it won't wear and tear on you, either, it's waterproof.

Photo: Patch

The Patch can be found at select stores, including Madl'Or Horlogerie- Bijouterie in Monte Carlo and Old Village in Brighton, England; it will cost you 24 euros, or $33.50 at current exchange rates. Visit Patch Watches for more.

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