6 Sustainable Shoes To Dance in the New Year

Searching for comfortable flats to dance into 2010, the right shoes for your LBD, or the perfect pumps to pair with one of our 6 Green Dresses for New Years? Get a jump start on green New Year's resolutions--don't forget to send or tweet us yours--and dress eco-fashionably for the last night of 2009. We suggest rummaging through your wardrobe before shopping and if kicks cannot be upcycled with shoe clips or fixed-up by a cobbler, then kick back and click through to our selection of 5 sustainable shoes to dance in the New Year:

1. Animal-Free Strappy Stilettos: Hog and Pig by MINK Shoes

MINK Shoes are animal-free, hand crafted, and limited edition. Contact MINK for pricing and availability. Credit: Mink

2. Eco-Patriotic: Rose Lee by Kitty Cooper

These Kitty Cooper 1950s-esque heels are made to order--it takes roughly 21 days to make--in London and were too delicious not to include, £ 319 (EUR) at Kitty Cooper Boutique. Credit: Kitty Cooper

3. Fashion Forward: Juniper Heel by Terra Plana

Terra Plana Juniper heels are available in vegetable tanned leather, suede, and their signature recycled quilt pattern, $160 (USD) at Terra Plana's Online Shop. Credit: Terra Plana

4. Flat Out Comfort: Ballet Flats by Zoe & Zac

Slip on Payless' eco-friendly Zoe & Zac ballet flats--made with organic cotton, recycled rubber, and faux suede--for comfort. Available in black and burgundy for $24.99 at Zoe & Zac Online Shop. Credit: Payless

5. Sexy Vegan Stilettos: Balance by olsen Haus

Choose a yellow, turquoise, red, or purple heel to suit your style in these 100% vegan and chic shoes by olsen Haus, $205 (USD) at olsen Haus Online. Credit: olsen Haus

6. Eco-Cult Classic: Melissa Lady Dragon III by Vivienne Westwood

Melissa Metflex plastic heels are comfy, fun, festive, and a cult classic for eco-fashionistas everywhere. Left: $150 (USD) at Kaight Shop, Right: £ 88 (EUR) at Fashion Conscience. Credit: Melissa

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