• nusta spa white room.jpg

    Nusta Spa

    January 3, 1:10 PM by TreeHugger in Travel

    Sophisticated design melds with high standards of sustainability at downtown D.C.'s Nusta Spa, which, like their friends at TH, believes that "being green does not mean doing without." At Nusta Spa, the architects and aestheticians alike believe in

  • hokeyspokes.jpg

    Hokey Spokes LED Bike Lights

    January 3, 12:40 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Alright, alright already. We give in. After touting Michael Kertesz's Spoke n'Wheels project for the Tisch School, we got like a bazillion tipsters telling us that Hokey Spokes exist. Yes, we know: They are very, very cool, and do indeed do the trick.

  • monterey book photo

    SAUVs: Solar Powered Robots For Clean Water

    January 3, 12:26 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    We think we too may have dreamed this up during our G.I. Joe phase as kids, but researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have been testing some pretty damn neato underwater, solar-powered robots at Lake George, N.Y. With the goal of developing a

  • sienna_miller.JPG

    Eco-Celeb: Sienna Miller

    January 3, 12:03 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    So what's a beautiful young actress and model to do after snagging Jude Law? Promote sustainable, fair-trade clothing, of course. Sienna Miller spoke up for People Tree, insisting, "There's no reason why organic and fair-trade clothing can't be

  • rock-n-roll.JPG

    ReturDesign Rock-n-Roll Shelf

    January 3, 12:00 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    If Droog’s gorgeous-but-precarious dresser from reused drawers makes you a bit nervous, Rock-n-Roll makes a good compromise. Still cobbled together, with a hint of the random but unified by the repeated circular shapes. The recycled paperboard tubes (in

  • sansegal-T.jpg

    Green Brand by Sansegal

    January 3, 1:18 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Fashion

    A range of shirts, tops, jackets and legwear is produced by Sansegal from recycled cotton T-shirts, that have been rescued from a trip to the landfill. It seems Sansegal have a patented blending system that takes the shredded t-shirts and shade matches

  • outdoor-retailer.jpg

    Green Steps at Outdoor Retailer

    January 3, 12:55 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    The premier outdoor sports trade fair in North America is offering to showcase those outdoor companies, who have an environmental stewardship story to tell. Businesses who sign up will have special Green Steps carpet in the aisles outside their booth.

  • crispina-Equinox.jpg

    Crispina recycled Equinox blankets

    January 3, 12:29 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Over 150,000 lbs (68,000kg) of discarded clothing has been salvaged to make Crispina blankets. Using mostly wool products, they wash garments and sort them into particular themes before combing the elements into a new whole. Quirky elements of the

  • Solar-Sailor-fanned.jpg

    Solar Sailor

    January 2, 11:33 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    We’ve showcased hybrid cars and hybrid bicycles before and now is time make mention of the watery equivalent. Hybrid marine power combines electric drives with the power and range of hydrocarbon and/or alternative fuels. Solar panels charge the electric

  • Quiksilver-Initiative.jpg

    Quiksilver Initiative

    January 2, 8:20 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    "Surfing ... is faced with polluted water and the destruction of fragile reef systems. In many parts of the world they've already taken paradise and put up a parking lot." So says Quiksilver Europe's CEO Harry Hodge. "The environment needs

  • organic-athlete.jpg

    Organic Athlete

    January 2, 8:11 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    This new star-up organisation has, as one of its goals to "Become a leader in promoting healthful, plant-based and ecologically responsible lifestyles." They have a grand vision, which is taken up in their nine point 'Statement of Principles'.

  • tsunami-wreakage.jpg

    Architecture for Humanity

    January 2, 6:24 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    A few posts ago we mentioned the fine work of Habitat for Humanity and how they are responding to the Tsunami disaster. In a very similar vein is the efforts of Architecture for Humanity. Established 5 years ago to "promote architectural and design

  • solar_sev_back.JPG

    Scott Solar SeV Jacket

    January 1, 6:59 PM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    If the number of electronic gizmos you carry makes you feel like Inspector Gadget, the SeV jacket's "Personal Area Network" will finally give you somewhere to store everything: concealed pockets (30 of 'em!) and channels let you keep all your

  • paperclip.jpg

    That other staple-less stapler: the paperclip

    January 1, 4:21 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Although seen by some as a bit of a design cliche, the humble paper clip is one of the more instructive examples of an eco-product: • solves a problem with panache (and without adding to any larger problem) • purpose is swiftly understood (no manuals

  • monterey book photo

    TreeHugger Welcomes Stephen Brooks!

    January 1, 1:57 PM by Stephen Brooks in About TreeHugger

    Stephen Brooks grew up in North Miami, Florida and has been living in Punta Mona, Costa Rica since 1995. After an eye opening trip to Costa Rica, Stephen was inspired to make a positive impact on the planet and started Costa Rican Adventures,

  • orange-hemp-sweater.jpg

    Of the Earth apparel

    January 1, 2:14 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Fashion

    Why should women have all the fun? Some eco-chic for guys! A 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton T-shirt sweater. Seemingly ideal for shovelling snow! Having established their own factory in China, Of the Earth continue to produce clothing for men (and

  • paper-vase-radiator.jpg

    Top Five - Recycled paper products

    January 1, 1:31 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    We had a lot of interest in the Paper Vase we highlighted made from recycled magazines. Unfortunately it is no longer available. So thought we'd track down some appropriate replacements. Here are five examples of what we found. The ‘Radiator’ vase (shown

  • Habitat-long.jpg

    Habitat for Humanity International

    December 31, 11:29 PM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    We've had this post in the pipeline for ages, but events in the Indian Ocean have prompted us to move it up the list. Habitat for Humanity is a widely respected, nonprofit organisation that seeks to "eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from


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