The Year In Strange Design: 20 of the Oddest, Ugliest and Most Useless

On The Case For Saving Ugly Buildings

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Robarts Library

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Everyone was down on Brutalism this year, but it really isn't so strange, and I think it really can be rather nice. I wrote in On The Case For Saving Ugly Buildings

I am rather fond of the Robarts Library in Toronto. I have happy memories of chaining myself to its doors when it opened, in our successful campaign for undergrad stack access. Vines have grown to cover the lower levels, softening it a bit. I like the juxtaposition of it and the classic Newman house in the foreground.

Andrew Sullivan, who I admire, went on to call it socialist, which I questioned in Why Brutalist Architecture Is Not Necessarily Socialist, and Vice Versa

We almost lost another Paul Rudolph classic: Another Paul Rudolph Might Bite The Dust: Orange County Government Center Under Threat

And we are probably about to lose another. Gensler Reimagines the FBI Building In Washington

Meanwhile, admire them all at Fuck Yea Brutalism

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