Sweeping Up After New York Design Week


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credit: Lloyd Alter

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It certainly was nice of Emeco to provide all those lovely Philippe Starck chairs for people to sit on at ICFF, it can get tiring at a show this big. The Broom chair is made of a composite of recycled polypropylene and discarded wood fiber.

In most manufacturing there is waste. Ends and pieces of plastic and wood are discarded and thrown away. Imagine a new material that sweeps up this waste, combines it, and makes something strong and smart and beautiful. The result is the Broom chair. It has a past life as industrial waste and a future as a chair in your life.

‘Imagine,’ says Philippe Starck, ‘there is a humble guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the workshop and with this dust of nothing, with this he makes new magic. That's why we call it Broom.’

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