Tom's of Maine Founder Shows us How to Produce Ethical Wool Undergarments

Emma Grady
Living / Style
January 8, 2010

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tom chappell
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How can you produce ethical skivvies? Tom Chappell, founder of Tom's of Maine, shows us with a tour of his LEED Gold-certified office and Rambler's Way farm. Situated in the picturesque Kennebunk, Maine, the farm produces wool undergarments for Chappell's newly launched ethical fashion brand Rambler's Way. We start in the basement and end on the farm:

Tom Chappell stands in the basement of the Rambler's Way headquarters on Main Street in Kennebunk. The million-dollar restoration project utilizes a closed-loop geothermal system--built before rebates. The Chappell's have also retrofitted their home with an open loop geothermal system.

Image credit: Emma Grady