New York Green Fashion Week: 18 Wacky Spectacular Handmade Hats by Milliners Guild

Emma Grady
Living / Style
September 29, 2010

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Milliners guild spring 2011 hat collection photo
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From Lady Gaga to Holly Golightly, Milliners Guild is sure to set hat lovers a flutter with their Spring 2011 Hat Collection--presented at The GreenShows during New York Fashion Week--comprised of 42 wacky, yet delightful, ways to adorn your beloved crown--I chose the top 18 hats for your viewing pleasure. The milliners behind these headdresses specialize in the design, production and promotion of handmade headwear. They use a wide range of raw material, from yellow rubber gloves to recycled feather trims, resulting in accessories that last a lifetime:

Milliners Guild Spring 2011 Hat Collection at The GreenShows, New York Fashion Week. Image credit: Elisa Hyman