Best of Green: Fashion & Beauty

Emma Grady
Living / Style
April 5, 2010

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best of green fashion beauty
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It's fast becoming easier to dress head-to-toe in ethical threads. More conventional brands are adding green materials or practices by using organic-cotton and experimenting with other sustainable textiles, while already eco-designers are exploring how to make textiles such as Tencel, recycled polyester, and vintage fabrics more sophisticated. And green fashion weeks in cities including New York and Portland have blossomed into must-show-at extravaganzas for ethical and green designers creating beautifully crafted seasonal collections.

And where fashion goes, beauty follows. From haircare to beardwash, eco-savvy guys and gals have a bigger universe than ever of beauty products to choose from. So strap on a pair of vegan stilettos and pull out your best organic denim -- our Best of Green Fashion & Beauty winners highlight the best of the best when it comes to skincare, footwear, nail care, haircare, and much, much more.

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