How to Make a Steampunk Solar Nightlight

What You'll Need

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credit: shoesfullofdust

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Do you have some old solar garden light that quit working, got run over by the lawn mower or the plastic / metal parts are dull and broken? The chances are good that you can salvage the solar cell and the electronics and repurpose it just as I did.

Here's what you'll need:

An old solar garden light or
Rechargeable battery, diode (1N4001)
Solar cell, switch, 1 or 2 bright LEDs
Copper pipes and fittings (of course)
Foam board
Box cutter
Pipe cutter
Soldering iron and electronic solder
Hot glue and/or 5 minute epoxy
Ruler, tape measure, compass and caliper
Drill press + drill bits
Emerald paper
Wire #24