Gorgeous Animal and Nature Photography From European Wildlife Book

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A red fox in Pollino National Park in Italy photo
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When Wild Wonders of Europe launched the biggest nature photography project ever, we gladly agreed to share the spectacular professional photographs with our readers at TreeHugger. As a result, we have enjoyed some stunning photos, ranging from mountain monarchs to monsters of the maelstrom, from proud predators to our wild neighbors.

This slideshow is the last in this series, a selection of the best animal-in-action and stunning nature photos from the coffee table book Wild Wonders of Europe, by Staffan Widstrand, Florian Möllers, Peter Cairns, and Bridget Wijnberg, and available for $50 through Abrams Books. The 288-page book is packed with more than 250 full-color photographs. A short excerpt of text from the book accompanies the photos shown here.

Red Fox


Widespread throughout Europe, the red fox has shown increased numbers over the last two decades.

Photo credit: Claudia Mueller for Wild Wonders of Europe