Experience Mother Nature, in miniature! 9 Must-see table top nature photographs (including 'making of')

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Dioramas by Matthew Albanese

When I first saw Matthew Albanese's art, it really struck me as beautiful on the first degree, like a well composed nature photograph that tells a story and reveals to us the charms of nature (as if Mother Earth had put on her best evening gown and jewels, fair trade and conflict free, of course). But then, when you find out how Albanese creates his pieces, there's a second degree of cool; his work is all about tromple l'oeil optical illusions. The amount of detail in his work, including small light effects and reflectionsto fool our brains, is truly impressive.

I hope you'll enjoy his work, as well as the behind the scene photos that show a little bit how the magic happens (in this case, I feel like knowing the tricks enhances the appreciation).

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