11 Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

Ramon Gonzalez

Ramon Gonzalez
Living / Lawn & Garden
December 6, 2012

Hori-Hori Knife

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Hori Hori Knife

credit: Toni Matlock

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The word “Hori” means “to dig” in Japanese. The name sounds funny to say, but this garden knife is serious business. One edge of the blade is serrated for cutting through dirt and roots.

The Hori-Hori is menacing enough for weeding, dividing, busting sod, transplanting perennials, prying rocks out of garden beds, but gentle enough for slipping bulbs and thyme plugs into the garden like in the image above from the Tonette Time review of the knife. (Hori Hori Carbon Steel Knife, $23)

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