12 easy DIY Halloween decorations that don't pack a landfill punch

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credit: Flickr/utheadache

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The National Retail Federation predicts that Americans will spend $8 billion dollars on Halloween this year.

That's $8 billion dollars worth of single-use costumes, artificial-everything candy, and novelty witchy tchotchkes. You can practically hear the landfills' plaintive moans! So here's an idea: Kick the commercial crap to the curb.

From shrunken apple heads to flayed skin cheese balls and origami bats, skip the wasteful Halloween aisle at the store and craft your own spooky decorations instead. Take that, insipid plastic skeleton!

First up: The Apple Tea Light Holders above. When you're done with them, give them to a local farm for animal food, or feed them to your compost.

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