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Emma Grady

Emma Grady
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November 13, 2012

Ambika's Cruelty-Free Angora Earmuffs

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Ambika Boutique

credit: Ambika Boutique

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Ideal for the ski bunny -- no pun intended -- on your list, Ambika Boutique's "friendly fur" Angora earmuffs are the perfect accessory to ease into colder months. Sourced from well-cared-for Angora rabbits in upstate New York, the protein-rich fiber (sans synthetic materials) used to create these muffs is warmer than sheep's wool and as soft as cashmere. Plus, recycled coat hangers make up the base.

Designer Ambika Conroy collaborates with women who work from home crocheting the Angora fibers into a range of accessories and garments, from hats to bikinis -- yes, bikinis. (Ambika Boutique's Cruelty-Free Angora Earmuffs, $190)

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