What Does Sustainability Look Like? Photos From Around the World

Jennifer Hattam

Jennifer Hattam
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March 11, 2010

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What does "sustainability" mean to you? That's the question that JPG Magazine, a publication of reader-submitted photography, posed to members of its online community, who posted hundreds of images of peaceful landscapes, freshly grown vegetables, bicycles, wind farms, and more.

The magazine's editors picked 10 photographs they think best illustrate "strides people are making toward becoming sustainable" -- images that they've allowed us to showcase here, along with some additional submissions we also liked.

"At a local market in Cairo, I discovered a world of used goods for sale. Rubbish that has been salvaged as suitable for sale is taken to this market so the public can browse the items," Brisbane, Australia-based photographer David Lazar writes. "Some may restore the broken objects, or find parts within them that they can use."

Photo: David Lazar, "Sea of Treasure"

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