Solar-Powered Camels and More From Israel Renewable Energy Conference

Jesse Fox

Jesse Fox
Technology / Clean Technology
February 23, 2010

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solar powered camel photo
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A pair of solar panels draped over a camel's hump. I came across this scene last week outside the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference and wasn't quite sure what to make of it. One solar firm's attempt to make some sort of metaphorical statement about the business? Or just a convenient, live billboard? The camel's owner, whom I found sitting a few steps away, could provide no clues.

However, other events last week at the conference provided a window onto an industry that is experiencing exponential growth, and a handful of kibbutzim (rural collective farms) that are attempting to harness the power of the clean energy economy to create a new model for sustainable development in the region.

With the sun shining year round and an abundance of fallow land, renewable energy is the new cash crop.

Photo by Jesse Fox

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