Countdown to Copenhagen: Posters from the Past that Can Guide Us in the Future

5. Grow Your Own Food

Food miles were so 2008; now we measure food feet, how much we produce ourselves and preserve for winter. It saves a lot of money and a lot of food transport. I don't like the look of that kid with the shovel in these zombie-infested times, enticing dad into the garden:

A straightforward message is perhaps better.

But a lot of people live in apartments; perhaps we need more allotment gardens, more places for them to help out on farms and grow their own food.

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6. Preserving and Canning

Ask Grandma to show you how; it reduces the need for refrigeration and saves lots of energy used for storage and transport of food.

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7. Stop Eating So Much Meat

We all know now about the carbon footprint of meat verses other foods; one of the biggest steps we can take is to reduce the amount we eat. Then, they needed the meat for the soldiers, and encouraged those at home to eat more vegetables and fish.

They also encouraged the fishermen to catch more fish.

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8. Reduce Waste of Food

Half of the food produced in the world is wasted, after going through the trouble of making it, transporting it, often refrigerating it and then trucking away the garbage.

If we took the measures exhorted in this poster today, the carbon footprint of our diet would be reduced considerably.

And don't forget about those leftovers!

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