Underwater wonders less than 100 miles from California's coast! (video)

California marine life
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Masterly marine cinematographer Howard Hall has created a great short film titled California Dreaming to raise funds for the Reef Check conservation non-profit. We've featured some of Howard's previous works on TreeHugger before:

This short-film (below) was originally called 100 Miles because it was filmed 100 miles of the Reef Check venue in California. Hall writes: "Most of this video was captured aboard one of the Truth Aquatics liveaboard dive boats out of Santa Barbara, California. We have made many films aboard their vessels including two IMAX features, and enjoyed countless days if great diving with their support."

See for yourself, it's always amazing to see the diversity of life in our oceans. Some of it looks familiar, while other looks alien, but it's all worth protecting:

Vimeo/Screen capture

Vimeo/Screen capture

Vimeo/Screen capture

Via Howard Hall

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