Group of divers has a close encounter with a majestic whale shark (video)

Divers with whale shark
Screen capture Youtube

A moment for nature appreciation

Whale sharks are awesome. They can measure over 40 feet long and weight up to about 47,000 pounds! It is by far the largest living non-mammalian vertebrate, even "rivalling many of the largest dinosaurs in weight". It is found in tropical waters and lives around 70 years!

Despite its intimidating size, the whale shark is rather docile and harmless to divers, even playing with them on occasion, as you can see from the videos below:

Here are more videos of these impressive creatures (gotta love that garage door mouth):

Here's a whale shark hitting jackpot, sucking fish straight out of a net:

Here's a whale shark playing/attacking a diver (not entirely clear which, but no harm was done):

For more on diving, see Lloyd's article on 'Can scuba diving be green?'

Via Youtube, The Dodo

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