When Teachers Trek Across the Galapagos: A Photo Gallery

Teacher Eduardo del Solar scanning the Galapagos horizon. All photos by Pete Oxford

What does it look like when 29 acclaimed US teachers embark on a study tour of the Galapagos?

As I've mentioned before, the unusual grandeur of the Galapagos Islands is difficult to put into words. Thus, as part of my effort to recap the rather amazing journey I recently completed with some of our nation's top educators, I thought another image gallery was in order. From mingling with stingrays to examining dead tropical penguins to engaging Galapagos students in the classroom, here are the photos I feel best define the trek.

So what does it look like, exactly? Something like this.
A Galapagos Study Tour in Photos

Elementary teacher Sheri Thompson photographing marine iguanas

The teachers encounter a giant tortoise on the trail

Zodiac takes teachers through volcanic cave on Isabella island

Pat Arndt, Chris Border, and Jim Brown on the beach at San Cristobal

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