Posters Help Send Plastiki Ship's Message On World's Trash Gyres (Slideshow)

Image credit: Sarah Illenberger + Tia Grazette/Plastiki

"Ever since the Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries," David de Rothschild wrote in TreeHugger, "it seems the barometers of success and modernity within society have been measured by our interaction, or rather lack of interaction, with the natural world." The impact of this outlook, he continues, is palpable: Masses of plastic trash now swirl in the oceans; toxic testaments to a disposable culture that has spun completely out of control.

To draw attention to the situation, de Rothschild has set sail on the Plastiki, a catamaran built out of discarded plastic water bottles. This series of posters by artists and photographers helps promote the voyage and its cause.

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