Great Shark Week Photos from Our Flickr Pool

Photo by Willy Volk

In honor of Shark Week, we put a call out for you to share your photos of sharks in TreeHuggers Flickr Pool. Readers answered the call -- check out some gorgeous photos of sharks from the photo group. Swimming with sharks is an amazing experience in itself, and to get to see photos taken during such an adventure is a whole lot of fun. However, most of us probably wouldn't want to see this while out for a swim:

Photo by Willy Volk

It is a lemon shark. Lemon sharks are actually experiencing a bit of trouble right now -- they use mangroves as nurseries, a place to start out life in a relatively safe place. But mangroves are being deforested all over the world. That maze of root systems that provide shelter and habitat for many creatures that become lunch for the young sharks is disappearing.

Photo by Willy Volk

We loved the photo above of a tiger shark, with a few fish confident they won't become lunch. Tiger sharks are known for being open to eating just about anything, and for that they've earned a reputation as a man-eater. However, they have far more to fear from us -- tiger sharks are heavily hunted for their fins as well as other body parts. Because they, like most sharks, repopulate slowly, their numbers are taking a dive.

Photo by Paulandbecs

This photo of an Oceanic whitetip shark taken at Daedalus Reef in the Red Sea is simply beautiful. The Oceanic whitetip is the species that made news a few weeks ago as the species purportedly killed by the crew of Penny Palfrey during her record-breaking ocean swim. The species is also heavily hunted for its large fins, so much so that the once-ubiquitous shark is now threatened in many areas.

Photo by Paulandbecs

We thank those who added their photos to the Flickr pool this week. We're always looking for fun photos so join the group and keep your eye open for call outs -- your photos just might end up on!

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

And remember.... please don't eat sharks.

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch
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